Missing logo and Descriptions



Have some issues, and then i saw this...

There is some process that not have the F-Secure logo.. and seen from the endpoint, - i thinks thats bad.
File :
ulu.exe (Missing description) (please give program a easy to see title)
ulu_handler.exe (Missing description) (please give program a easy to see title)
fs_ols_ca.exe (please give program a easy to see title)
fsadminaccess_32.exe (please give program a easy to see title)
install.exe (under folder ...\ultralight ?? ) (please give program a easy to see title?)



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    Looks like that this is temporary file/processes (if you do not able to get information about them?!). And I think that related with on-the-fly update actions as upgrade/update.


    But anyway I not sure about some points.. at least if we talk about:


    -> ulu.exe 

    -> ulu_handler.exe

    -> fs_ols_ca.exe

    -> fsadminaccess_32.exe 


    There is missing kind of "logo", but there is description (with name of file, build-number, signed cert, name of company); And file-name not totally random too.


    -> install.exe


    With logo and also I can to see there is description for information. But maybe based on which module there. I not check all of them, but each install.exe probably should related with certain module.


    Or you mean that this is not enough?


    Sorry for my reply.


    Good if there will be response by F-Secure.

  • Sorry.. My mistakes.

    I had to uninstall-tools.exe to run a clean installer.

    Then i cannot answer any of them...




  • Hi

    Yes MS does it to.. but thats bad too..

    F-Secure is a bit better, then if i´ts easy, then get a file name that a user can rely in, and get an icon in..

    If there is no icon, and the name in the tasks, is suspicies, it makes the user nerves/untrust.


    I hope you get my idea Smiley Happy




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