What have FSIS/FS Protection with UltraLight to do ?



Have for some month ago installed FS-Protection, then it says that you have to get rid of Ultralight (whitch i have installed in a year) but i accepted YES....

And now - some monthe later, i got an ide that FS-Protection is not updates iteslf.. then i saw that i have in same folder that fs-Protection.. Ultralight ??

 - And i have the folder ultralight under fs-protection.

what is this, is it the engine from ultralight ?? or ??









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    Sorry for my reply. Probably there will be more helpful to get normal response from F-Secure Team.


    This is just my suggestion (as F-Secure user also):


    -> FS Protection and F-Secure Ultralight AV:


    It was not possible (by common steps) to use both of solutions under one system. And I think that situation still same there.


    -> Not sure about that FS Protection "not updating", but just because you have Ultralight folder and other points.. so this is most likely based on fresh releases of FS Protection:


    Where comes kind of "integration" between FS Protection and "Ultralight"-technology.

    Many things was re-designed (some of them start be as it can be with F-Secure Ultralight AV, but some of them can be totally fresh).


    Topic about TP Release 179 have description and release-notes about changes too.


    -> Also there was recently "next TP":



    So... up-to-date build of FS Protection about TP Release 182;

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    Ulight is now part of F-SIS, don't worry.

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