The connection is week with Freedome connected.

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I have bought your program  – Freedome.

I’m connected to Denmark, living in the Czech Republic, Teplice, near the German Border.

I use mainly the program for security and hide my IP address.

Using Windows 10 with the Defender, it´s updated, nothing else installed for optimicing or protection


But you program make the connection slow. A test without Fredome  show 33 in download and 10 in upload.

When Freedome is connected it fall often to 6 or 8 in download. I make this test often.

Few times Freedome works well, it´s possible to watch Danish TV, but most of the time it´s cut-cut-cut.


My connection here is good, my router and net card is new type – AC, and it´s connected correct.

My PC is 1 years old, 2.000 Euro, everything is in top for gaming and steaming, all cards in top and fast.

My monitor is a new one 27 inch, LED 2560 x 1440, connected by the recomended cable.


Without Freedome everything works perfekt when I watch DR. tv, but with Freedome connected it´s starts to be slow and cut-cut-cut.


Please can you help me, I think it´s the line or server.



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Tofferne,


    This might need some detailed analysis with the support team. Kindly get in touch with them via chat or phone in order to troublehsoot further.


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