As I remove a subscription?

Greetings team of F-Secure!

I have the following problem, I reinstall F-Secure Internet Security and says: Error and use all subscriptions and only use it on a PC. What would be the possible solution and how I can prevent this in the future? Smiley Sad


Product name: F-Secure Internet Security 2011
Order Date: 08/16/2011
Up to 3 PCs IS

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  • beikerbeiker Posts: 33

    Hi. Is F-secure full uninstalled before the installation? And what OS are you using? 

  • HugoHugo Posts: 7

    OS Windows 7 32 bits

  • HugoHugo Posts: 7

    Hello, I guess the proper way to uninstall F-SecureUninstallationTool.exe is with the tool, because it is the signing on the server and then passes this... How do I remove the subscription?

  • HugoHugo Posts: 7

    First of all thanks for your quick response, but I still have the problem because I did not account for technical support chat, any idea why?

    I guess time is based on support or not?
    Because I do the query from Central America (-6:00)

  • HugoHugo Posts: 7
    Thanks for the help, finally get the answer that wait technicalsupport. Since I released the key and I can reinstall the product again. But the truth I prefer to use the beta!  Smiley Happy

    Greetings and maybe we see around here again, just that the nextwill be to help instead of asking for help, soon!


  • AmigaAmiga Posts: 12



    I have the same problem.


    What to do?

  • HugoHugo Posts: 7

    Hi Amiga,

    You have two options one to use a beta key, and the other arm yourself with patience and waiting for a reply from tech support, what I did is first call for help right here to bear witness, then order a case and finally put my beta key. As you can see I do not solve anything.

    But at last F-Secure support replied saying that my problem was solved. For that took 2 weeks! are very slow to say just that. for now I recommend you use a trial key for later use the subscription key. I can help you with something else?


  • AmigaAmiga Posts: 12

    I found help by myself...


    I had the IS2012 beta and there is a tool for reset subscription Smiley Happy


    Thanks for the answer anyway.


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