Epson network printer issue

Since I have installed Freedome my Epson wifi printer has stopped printing and scanning has anyone come across this problem or knows how to rectify?

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  • huxdughuxdug Posts: 4
    It is an Epson WF2530, and system is a W7 pro 64 bit.
  • LinesyLinesy Posts: 8

    It works for me when Freedome protection is OFF.

    It does not work when protection is ON.


    Have you tried when protection is off?

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi huxdug,


    Is the Printer and the device in which Freedome is installed are on the same subnet?

  • huxdughuxdug Posts: 4

    Not yet will try this afternoon, many thanks.

  • huxdughuxdug Posts: 4
    Will need to check this out, what is the best way to check installation on the subnet?
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