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Im Safe Browser auf 6" Android 6.0 Smartphone fehlen die Vor/Zurück "Pfeile" und vor allem das "Zahnrad", um an Einstellungen zu gelangen. So kann ich nicht einmal die Startseite ändern.


Auf 10" Android 6.0 Tablet sind die Symbole vorhanden.


Ich hätte gern zwei Screenshots eingestellt, habe es hier leider nicht hinbekommen.


Hat jemand eine Lösung? Dank vorab,


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Int7,


    Could you please provide your information in English to help you further? Our Community is currently in English/Finnish and is not localized in German. This will help the wider audience to understand the post and provide a response for the problem.

  • Int7
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    Hi Laksh,

    Thank you for Answer. Sorry, my English is broken....

    In Safe Browser (Fresh Install F-Secure Safe) on Cubot Max Smartphone  (6" Display, Android 6.0) i miss Symbols for "Settings", "Backward / Forward" and "Bookmarks".

    On 10" Tablet (Android 6.0) are the Symbols visible and functional.

    Screenshots are difficult here? Or i go not the right Way to insert... Preview for me not display my Screenshots.



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Int7,


    We might need the screenshots from both your phone and tablet in order to better understand this issue.


    To upload the photos, when you click on reply, select the option 'Photos' and choose the photos to be uploaded. Once finished, click done and then proceed to post your reply.


  • dirtycow
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    I have the same settings whatsoever for Safe Browser on Android 6.0 . This is annoying, I'd like to at a minimum disable scripts. Any fix?
  • Näsäviisas
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    In my phone (Samsung+Android version 6.0.1) is Safe Browser. And it works very well.

    I click Safe B. icon, then up on the right side three points, click, settings! 

    Perhaps phone manual could help with settings.


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