Some Freedome nodes really slow

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I've been using Freedome since it was first released, and for a long time I was extremely happy with it. But now, for maybe a year, that has not been the case. The software works really well, but my gripe is that some nodes are super super slow. Especially the one that I would like to use, Finland. I'm trying to connect from Poland, and I've had no issues with this before. But now, my connection speed drops from 30mbps to 3-5mbps, which is not tolerable. Some nodes, for example The UK and some of the US nodes work fine. This has forced me to not use the application anymore. 


What I would like to know is, that does anybody else have similar issues? Could this be a problem with the ISP? Is it possible at all for me to solve this by myself?


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    Hi, I am  also experiencing issues connecting to via the Freedome Brussels, Belgium location

    (= time out)

    Amsterdam, Netherlands seems to work fine

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