Got some problems with my PC


Hi. I got some problems here. First: Chrome automatically opens some ad sites and already blocked by F-Secure sites. Then, my Steam account didn't start, whatever I tried.  I already had my Steam account hacked a few days ago, but got it back. Now I belive there is another kind of attack on my system. F-Secure couldn't find anything. Neither did ESET or Malwarebytes. I don't know what to do. What could it be, if F-Secure doesn't recognize it? A real hack?


Edit: It think it is ok. I've read a bit in the net. It seems Chrome sometime does stupid things. May be one of them. At least I suppose so, if no Antimalware program finds anything. And since I restarted Chrome and deletet Chrome's temp folder, the problem is gone. I hope it stays away.


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