I'm quite puzzled about the above mentioned .dll file. Around half an hour ago (17.01.2017, ca. 4:00), my F-Secure Internet Security automatically deleted the getrss.dll file, and mentioned it to be a generic trojan. I looked around and seen that this file belongs to the game 7 Days to Die. Now that got me a bit concerned. At first I thought that somehow an infected file got on to my PC over Steam. I let Steam check the file integrity. And as soon as it downloaded again the missig file (of course getrss.dll), F-Secure killed it again. My concern is as follows. I own the above mentioned game, the .dll belongs to, since quite a while, but F-Secure never seen it as a potential threat. Now I don't know if the game developers changed the .dll file (already run a question in the community, and waiting on response), or if the F-Secure developers put the getrss.dll on the - at least potential - threat list. What do you think about this? Could it really be a problem, or is it just a false positve, which I could put on F-Secures whitelist?


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    Hi @RobertD


    Generic trojan means that it was detected by heuristics. That means that nobody specifically added that to be recognized as malware, but some change triggered the heuristics detection. This happens from time to time with heuristics. Please submit the file to our labs at and it should be fixed within few hours.



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    PS. I too play 7 Days to Die, great game. :)



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    Done it. Thank you for your help. I have another question. I have F-Secure Internet Security 2015. If I would decide to take an F-Secure SAFE 2017, would it be compatible with the version I have? Would I only have to use the serial key, or would I need to do something else, like uninstalling first F-Secure Internet Security 2015  and then install F-Secure SAFE 2017? I wish to protect my pc even better. With VPN it could get a bit messy I think, or otherwise I would buy that version. But I think it would interfere with the steam mobile athenticator in some way, if my "position" wanders around the world, or with other sites, which are to some point dependent on my location, pw wise and such. Or wouldn't it happen? And by the way. You have there a very good product. Really like it. Non-intrusive, easy to handle, doesn't need much space, nor much RAM, and this to a fair price. It's perfect for me as gamer and autor. In my eyes, it is the best I can find in terms of security. I like it more than the bulky, RAM-Pacman Kaspersky. I hope this hasn't sound like marketing Smiley Tongue

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