F-Secure AdBlocker for all major browsers

s_rosenthaler Posts: 10 New Member

Release the F-Secure AdBlocker for all major browsers (iOS, Android, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) as a standalone product.


  • MrParham
    MrParham Posts: 11 New Member

    not a necessary decision IMO,


    most of AVs also have not this feature cuase of we already have a lot of plugins &... for that

    for example you can use uBlock!

  • Vetraci
    Vetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer

    F-Secure AdBlocker for iOS is great! Why not having this tool on Windows devices as well? Would appreciate it!

  • Thompa
    Thompa Posts: 10 New Member
    For me its quite odd that a modern security company doesn´t offer any effective AdBlock software.However there are many freewares,but they are not so effective as they shold be. If there is something im quite fed up with is all of these anoying pop-ups. But what many forgets about is that many of these pop-ups can be masked as troyans/spyware,and what many doesn´t are even bewared of is that you can get from a site that you visited Advertisment posted via regular post in your name,or even get your mailbox full of spam. To make it even simple is that via these pop-ups modern webbrowsers know more about you than you can possible imagine.I know that his is a Cat and mouse chase,but in some way there must be stop of these. So I´m absolutly positive of this kind of software blocking. If there is something I´m fed up with is all of these annoying pop-ups.
  • MrParham
    MrParham Posts: 11 New Member

    Excuse me but , Symantec? TrendMicro? Bitdefender? Kaspersky?  they are modern CyberSecurity companies also ! but non of them offer an AdBlocker! its normal

    because as you said there are a lot of freewares for that already, and its not a necessary decision, why you don't say that F-Secure Sense is a Solution in IoT industry which is almost only 2-3 modern company have it? i think F-Secure is a leader in its way ..