Reporting a Vulnerability almost in every single F-Secure Products

Hi Developers and other friends in Community :)


just do a simple test in any F-Secure products, with my Instruction:


press Windows+R ( open Run ) on keyboard together, type Services.msc then tap on enter ,

ok we now can see (find) all of f-secure services which is normal , obviously they should be running.

BUT ! here is the dangerous Vulnerability, just try to Stop and Disable all of F-Secure related services , easly easly they all can be stop and disable, and then your f-security is gone. you are unprotected, i like to put a plus here

+ another vendors i tested this .... with them and all of them deny the request about disabling their services.

how i found out about this Vulnerability ? i'm reading PcMag reviews for F-Secure products about 3 years.

and in every review, reviewer noticed this Vulnerability, no fixing ! so i hope this topic in your forum,F-Secure :) got a result Smiley Wink



Best Regards,



  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Thanks for reporting this.


    I'd be surprised if it was quite so easy for a malicious program to disable F-Secure in this way, but it would be interesting to hear what the developers / tech guys have to say about it.

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