Improved Interface

Why so far in the F-Secure does not have the "Repair All"? This is useful when, for example, we want to quickly enable or upgrade old security signature database

I think also that's a good idea would be possible to switch off protection from the context menu.


This is not a difficult thing to do, and would really benefit from the improved.


Cheers Smiley Happy



  • Hi pianista,


    Thanks for your feedback. We will consider implementing this in upcoming releases.




  • Hi pianista,


    I forgot to mention in my previous post that we are doing a lot in the background to make sure the user does not have to use “Repair Now” functionality. This includes making sure our product is reliable and that it recovers automatically, without user intervention, from different problem situations.




  • pianistapianista Posts: 11

    Hi Sami_Visti,


    If I understand correctly, you think adding the Repair Now button is unnecessary. I disagree, I disagree, because as the protection is disabled by the user, you need to go in the main window, the "Status", and there enable protection. If it was the Repair Now, enough with one click of the mouse. Easier, faster ....

    and what about adding the ability to disable protection from the context menu?



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