Browser Sandboxing

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I think that in the next version, you can add new features that improve security. Virtualization browser (sandbox) is probably a good idea. What do you saySmiley Happy


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    Hi pianista,


    We have investigated this in the past and based on our user and technical research the best approach to protect browsing is to include security mechanisms, like Browsing Protection to the browser and not the build a separate virtual browser or virtualize the browser. Users typically want to use their favorite browser with few additional plugin and save their settings including bookmarks. Virtualization will also decrease browser performance. For those reasons, we have chosen our current approach.




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    Ok, i understand


    In that case I will not be mistaken if I say that protecting the WWW must be improved. How do you imagine its the further functioning, since all the time there are problems with compatibility (Firefox), and officially supports only two browsers?
    To me, the current WWW protection should be changed to protect the operating independently of the browser (as in the ESET)



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    I'm afraid that I agree quite strongly with Pianista on this and I've seen a number of other vendors implement this, Kaspersky as an example have done this.


    As most people run their PCs with admin credentials, protecting the browser alone with scanning technology isn't good enough anymore, especially with zero-day threats and many computer illiterate users running unpatched machines.


    The only way forward I see is to run a browser in a sandbox.  I like Sandboxie as that does a great job; see here: 


    The other solution which helps is to run your browser with only user privileges which helps a great deal and I did that regularly on Win XP until I came across the tool below!


    For those using Windows XP, try this little hidden tool from an MS developer (Drop My Rights):



    Works a treat, enjoy!