F-secure account can't log in




I just bought F-secure Total, I've seen the payment go trough and the email have been activated.


However when I try to log in I get an error page :



Any of you have an idea on how to fix this ? 




  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    The usual SAFE login page is here:  https://mysafe.f-secure.com/portal/welcome

  • Thomas_0x2A
    Thomas_0x2A Posts: 2 New Member

    The same problems happens again when I try from this URL.

  • Doug-Jensen
    Doug-Jensen Posts: 1 New Member

    I too could not connect to my.f-secure.com using Chrome. I had allowed all cookies for that site in Win10, opened the Win10 firewall to that site, and added that site as an exception in Chrome.


    Seeing the message above, I used Firefox instead and was able to log in and extend my subscription.


    But after that, Firefox could no longer log in:


    "The connection to my.f-secure.com was interrupted while the page was loading.

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified."


    Please advise.

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