Unexpecting banking protection start for FSP



From yesterday, I got several interruption due to unexpecting banking protection start window. Pls refer below photo for your reference that I just got again. I use Firefox and only 3 pages, one is a general blog, one is an online dictionary web site and the balanced is gmail. There should be no reason to trigger the banking protection fuction. Pls check and solve this issue, thanks.

Ps: I got more unexpecting banking protection window after I posted this issue... However, I only browser general web site, no any banking site. The OS is Win 10 pro by the way.


Image 001.png


  • yeoldfart
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    I second you on that, same experience here, already filed a ticket on it

  • Ville
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    Hi @NoahCheng


    Like @yeoldfart already did, you need to submit a bug report with support tool output (fsdiag). We can't do anything based on screenshot only.


    And also please consider blacking out details of your screenshot. I don't read Chinese, but it looks like you posted a screenshot of gmail inbox with titles visible, which is not good for privacy.



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  • NoahCheng
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    Hi Ville,


    Well noted. I will make fsdiag for you next time I saw it as today until now I did not get unexpecting banking protection window.

    Noted about privacy concerns. Sorry for trouble, I will remember to use mosaic before posting. FYI, actually it is not any privacy concerns in the screenshot as it is only spam(advertisement) email titles...

  • NoahCheng
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    Hi all,


    For recent days, the problem did not happen again so I can not attached any fsdiag file for you. Could you pls share any finding or possible result? Thank you.

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