F-Secure Safe doesn't offer a vulnerability scanner


I'm not sure if this is the correct place to contact the experts at F-Secure, but I have noticed, since installing F-Secure Safe, that F-Secure doens't offer a vulnerability scanner, whereas their competitiors, such as Kaspersky Lab and Bitdefender, do offer vuknerability scanners. As F-Secure is regarded as a premium product, which is evident through it's premium selling price, the expertes ought to add a vulnerability scanner. Yes it's a trivial feauture, but it can greatly increase the protection of clients.


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    I also just F-Secure user; so this is will be just my suggestion or just keep talking about point.

    Sorry for my reply.


    But how it work with other companies (I mean how work this feature as vulnerability scanner)? Just re-check "installed" list of software and "build number" -> after that -> re-check if there is known vulnerabilities for this build? Or just if there is have fresh build (based on database-list) - will be trigger notification that you have to update this software?


    Does it cover situation, when vulnerabilities not known on the web?  Or if software not popular? Or if there is trouble with proper handling installation for this software under the system (but software is work)?

    Feature will provide URL for the official website for downloading fresh build? Or will download it from "company"-storage (or some kind of this) automatically?


    Do the scanner provide description for vulnerability (which kind, how can be exploiting, prevented temporary by workaround)? Or does this scanner have ability to check system vulnerabilities or vulnerable-settings/services?


    This companies provide scanner for all systems (like Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, iOS)? Or just for some of them?


    sorry for my ask...


    F-Secure SAFE/Internet Security/Total Security probably do not provide this ability, yes.

    But F-Secure have tool-solution as "F-Secure Booster" (like cleaner/tweak/other) - which have some kind of "module" with check for "vulnerable"-software with meanings (not updated at least)

    This is another solution - so not totally option... in fact. So if you probably able to provide your opinion about this feature for solutions like Internet Security - you able maybe to use Feature Request part of community also:




    How I can to remember - there was probably related feature-requests already too!


    Sorry for my reply else one time.



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    I have also used Bitdefender and Kaspersky, and I'm undecided as to whether a vulnerability scanner in an anti-virus product is worthwhile, or just a 'bells and whistles' addition, which adds to the overall resource usage of the product.  In Bitdefender, it was more of a nuisance than a help, as it kept nagging me to change my 21 character, randomly generated , alpha-numeric wifi password to something more secure!  I didn't use KIS for long enough to form much of an opinion on it, as it's banking protection feature is not compatible with my browser.


    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you don't have a point.  F-Secure also lacks other features that alternative products provide, such as a dedicated Firewall, and independent (of Windows) Parental Controls.  However, both of those functions are available within Windows, and thus, F-Secure is not using resources by 'doubling up' for these purposes.


    So, whilst I can't disagree that F-Secure lacks the vulnerability scanner which other products have, in my opinion, it is debatable as to whether it is a crucial component for an AV product.

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