Too many products, not enough description

I have used Internet Security for many years. But I am totally confused with the multiple products on offer. Some seem to be the same with a different name (for example F-Secure Safe is the same as Internet Security), some seem to be collections of products, some seem to require to be managed through the fsecure website. A right mess. 


The Help Forum and FAQs are not clear on this.


The product selector is useless. It give no information about each product (


The All Products page at also has no details. 


Is it asking too much of F-Secure to have a nice simple table prominently on the website that shows which product has which features? I am so confused that I think I will switch to another product.




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    I will try to assist you with your query. From the research I have conducted, SAFE can be installed on all devices, including IOS and MAC OS, whereas F-Secure Internet Secuirty is restricted to Windows, Andtroid and MAC OS. Overall, protetction wise, both products are the same, but if you need F-Secure on all platforms, you should get SAFE. I would recommend Internet Secuirty as it's cheaper and the protection is the same. Secondly, you can visit the following website, it states test results conducted on products:



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    Sorry for my reply.


    I also just as F-Secure user, but decided to add there my opinion/suggestion or understanding about F-Secure solutions.

    Also if I normally remember - previously - there was "table" about "which feature have each solution" (quite good probably, but as usually with another companies too, more like "promo") - but it was also not helpful for number of users anyway.  Under the community was ask-words about the related troubles of choose.


    Decision based on your reasons and dreams about (most of them can be covered by "product selector" - because there is some kind of special features can be just with some of solutions).


    What about current situation (as feature "product selector", which probably give normal response - but usually will suggested F-Secure SAFE, where can be another solution too) and if you do not mean "list of all features, which F-Secure have" (usually this is basic and important, which can be with most of companies; But also on current days - most of things goes be by default and not optionally):


    ---> F-Secure AV:




    Mostly about Windows platform (previously was also Mac, but on current days - description do not provide this platform as supported; maybe based on F-Secure SAFE good support for Mac);


    And this is just as "traditional" AV solution with meanings that there is missing some kind of "browsing protection" features: there is not blocking harmful-pages; there is not visible search-results-ratings under the supported search-providers;  there is missing content-blocker-feature and other potential Parental control features;


    You able to be with protection as real-time scanning; manual-scanning as context-scan option; DeepGuard (as HIPS) and with some else points. This module (as AV) mainly same with AV-module under the F-Secure SAFE/IS/TotalSecurity; So.. if you want to have some features based on browsing protection (or different platforms) - there more good to use one of them.




    ---> F-Secure Internet Security:




    There...  as additional point to F-Secure AV :  Browsing Protection module (with abilities block harmful/suspicious pages; show safety-ratings for search-results under the Google/BING/Yahoo; Content Blocker as parental control feature; Device/Network time limit usage as parental control feature; and some additional options around this);

    Also there is more abilities to provide proper protection under the AV-module (based on small additional points compare to just F-Secure AV);

    Also just for Windows platform; and Price higher than for F-Secure AV:


    ---> F-Secure SAFE:




    Practically same with F-Secure Internet Security for Windows platform,  also F-Secure SAFE can be for Android/Mac/iOS/Windows Phone;


    When you get F-Secure SAFE - you get ability use your licenses with any of supported platforms.


    There is next meanings:


    F-Secure SAFE for Windows platform is F-Secure Internet Security with good ability to manage license-usage by special portal, where you able get installer/check status of license-usage and date expiration of subscription.

     With some abilities to work with this portal.


    F-Secure SAFE for Android platform is F-Secure Mobile Security (there is many features - not sure - if I able to name all of them). but mainly all of basic features, which can be there with android.


    F-Secure SAFE for Mac platform is some kind of F-Secure Internet Security (for Mac);

    Which related with previous F-Secure AV for Mac and on current days with some of Browsing protection features;


    F-Secure SAFE for iOS and for Windows Phone   is "Safe Browser" mainly, which provide rating under the address bar and able to block harmful/suspicious pages; as additional point - some kind of parental control with content blocker;



    So... if you have F-Secure SAFE for five devices (as five-abilities to use license):

    This means that you able to install (as example) /"or to use one of license-for-device"/  for TWO Windows system, for ONE Mac system, ONE for Android system and ONE for Windows Phone system device;


    Or any other settings (like FOUR for Windows devices and ONE for Android);

    If you want - you able switch license from one device to another (like re-use it with another device or another platform);


    Compare to F-Secure IS or AV :   if you have F-Secure IS for five devices -  you able install it just for FIVE Windows devices. For cover Android-device or other platform - you have to use another solution.


    With F-Secure SAFE you able to use it for supported platforms. Each platform able to provide "different" features.



    ---> F-Secure Total Security:




    Not use it yet, but mainly you able to think about this solution as F-Secure SAFE + F-Secure Freedome.

    Previously.. if you want to use F-Secure SAFE and VPN like F-Secure Freedome - there was ability just to get both of them. F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure Freedome.


    F-Secure Total Security provide ability by one "license" get ability to use it as F-Secure SAFE and as F-Secure Freedome.

    When you get F-Secure Total Security - mainly you install it under the device as F-Secure SAFE, but also will provided by steps to install/start use F-Secure Freedome, which covered by this solution.


    You do not required to get two licenses like "F-Secure SAFE" and "F-Secure Freedome".

    You able just get "F-Secure Total Security" for required number of devices and be with both of "solutions in one" - which anyway you have to use as two software under the system mainly.


    Probably main page (F-Secure) should normally have description about.



    ---> F-Secure Freedome and F-Secure KEY:


    Two solutions; F-Secure Freedome as VPN service-software;    and F-Secure Key is Password manager;



    Also some kind of documentation can be helpful there:


    Where you able to choose solution, switch platform and check Help/Documentation.

    Usually there is can be visible, which features can be there with this solution/platform (Help about "using" software);



    Sorry for my reply else one time.



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    Thank you for your help. I hope that F-Secure will respond too, in particular to my suggestion about a comparison table.

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    Hi @TimBlx,


    Glad that you have brought this to our notice.  I brought up your idea of having a comparison table for our home consumer products to our team. Please be assured that we are currently  working on it.


    I will update this post if there is any new news about this comparison table.

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    This is very helpful, thanks. May I suggest that it needs to go onto the main website under the Products menu. You don't mention Anti-Virus either.

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    Hi TimBlx,


    Yes, we are indeed working on putting this table in the public webpage as well.

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