Massive unexplained bandwith usage over celular network with Freedome on Android Phone


This month I faced limit excess problem and I overcharged. After inspected data usage statistics, realized that freedom using huge data over cellular network. I checked the other apps data usage (all they are connecting internet over freedom) surprisingly this values was much more less than freedom’s. So I wander if freedom keep connection over cellular network even if there is wireless network? I uninstalled and reinstalled freedom. I will check this issue again. But there is no reasonable explanation of this usage.


Also I find this message that complaints same issue with me:

Any idea?


Thanks In Advance



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  • I find out that  how freedom  causing Massive  bandwith usage over celular network. I'm  using LG G2 D802 mobil phone. Freedom  can't determine weather phone is on cellular or wirelles network. and  always using celullar network connection even when the phone connected to wirelesss network. But the  phone enabling updates & donwloads when connected wireless network. Meantime Freedom using celular network for active connection,  all downloads and updates comes over  cellular network. That!s tte story. So is there any solution  for this?


    Thanks In Advance

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert



    Do you mean that despite using the option:Only use Wi-Fi to upload apps to F-Secure, it still uses cellular network ?


    Are you also seeing the same high bandwidth usage with App Security off?



  • Hello,


    First time I checked Freedom settings, after more than 1 year usage. Smiley Sad

    Two things aroused my attention:


    • There is a setting about “Trusted Wi-Fi network” so I added my home and office connections as secure.
    • Usage Statics, I unchecked this for preventing Fsecure to send data. (I don’t know if it’s enough


    I think I can test with settings. What is your suggestions about weather this scenario works or not?



    Thanks In advance

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