Freedome no longer working on 3 devices

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I have been a Freedome user for a year now and have renewed again. Freedome used to work fine on two iPhones and 1 Macbook Pro (MBP) with two users with their own individual logins on the MBP.


Recently, the second user on the MBP cannot use Freedome. 


Searching the online forums, a post now says each user on the laptop will use a licence. This has left me frustrated as the package and marketing offer reads 3 devices for £XX.XX. Now, it is suddenly become a 3 user licence and not a per device licence. This is misrepresenting the product offer.


I am unhappy at the lack of clarity and having to now upgrade the licence and pay more (especially with the poor customer experience detailed below).


Also, I have cannot get hold of any  support by telephone or chat. My last telephone call 30/12/16, I was on hold for 20 minutes before I hung up. Online chat does not seem to work on any of my devices. The other online support resources sends me in an infinite loop of checking on line and going to the support section. Hopefully, this message will get a response.


Please could I have a solution to my problem of getting my second user on the MBP access to Freedome.





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