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always very satisfied with F-Secure Key I use it very intensely with 140 entries. When I transferred the last passwords out of KeePass, it will be about 250 entries, because I consequensly put all in for I have no time and energy to waste by keeping all in mind or in other alternatives. And for we all know that by keeping in mind or working with memos the quality of passwords is NOT rising!

But everything one can improve!

Here I have some proposals for you kindly react on my first suggestion.

My Proposals:

  1. To enable grouping for structuring the list. Without this the list is getting to long to scoll and it is getting a little confusing for my wife as the secondary user of my entries on her iPad with the sychronised list. I help me by myself at the moment with a leading word in front of the name oft the entry, for example: bank, shopping, portals, mail, IT, and so on.
    (This proposal you already have from me.) The function "search" can not always substitue everything, for the second user can't perhaps imagine the name of the entry I use.
  2. To enable tabular views for PC with free selectable additional columns for example: creationdate, changedate, date of last action for checking the age structure of the passwords or the age oft he accounts or how often I use a mail-address as username.
  3. Login in Key on a Wondows 10 PC with biometric identifier / fingerprint linke on iPad/iPhone
  4. Colouring oft the entries of a password already by typing and not only at displaying.
  5. It must be possible to import data from Excel, when in a import-assistant the columns can be related to the F-Secure Key fields. (Example: The import of an Excel-Export from KeePass was dramaticly wrong because of wrong field-relations. The notices for example was imported not as notices but as new enties!)
  6. At some entries (PC-user of our family, which I administrate) it would be comfortable to be able to duplicate a entry and to have only to change the differences in the duplicate specially notices or so on but the structure would be the same (used for special notices tot he account or the Support-Contacts or the license-infos)
  7. The field "notice" should be able to buffer more types as now with its 512 characters.
    It is used for infos to contacts, license, order, what is to be pointed out, etc.)
  8. By typing in the field "notice" it should be more comfortable when it is flexible in size for displaying extensive notices.

Best regards

Peter Popp



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    +1 for password groups. Tagging is a good way imo. 


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    Yes, tagging could help, but you don't see the structure like groups. I want to see the partition. In this case I like drawer ;-)