Can any of F-Secure's products help bust a Remote Snoop in a Public Housing Computer lab?


What I am noticing is,what I think will amount to Cyber-Harassment toward the residents and extrapersonally toward me.There are some self-entitled to snoop wise-guy know-it-alls or "all" singular here in my housing apartment who have treated me with abnormal treatment by disregard for my presence by speaking in vocal tones and contextually concluding an accusation about me in the third person point of view (in other words ,talking about me to each other while I am in the room and acting like as if I wasn't there and not looking at me when they say something about me,about my tablet and use of our apartment complexes open wifi connection)which corroborates that they are not intending to live side by side with me,but rather be standoffish.They have used my name and most likely email address to place my personal credentials on that Chrome Virus named Dregol profile.

I also am noticing that the Chrome shortcut on our Windows 7 taskbar has a number 2 in parentheses next to it ,after I right-click on it and it appears above The "Unpin this from the taskbar?"-option.I want to find out if that is proof that the DNS Server has been compromised on the public router AND repeater (the latter which is in plain access in the computer lab.)

I did a Router check on this computer (1 out of 8) with F-Secure Router Checker I used F-Secure Router Check on a tablet ,via wifi and loved the ease of use and  trust inspiring professional identity of the company after using the program and by reading reviews of the product.

Honestly ,I don't want to read much at this time,and so I am wanting to ask any helpful soul out there if they know of any of F-Secures products or even similar from other companies, that can help me ?

I hope they read this and stop their cruel business.



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi SnoopBuster99,


    For the information you have given, Router Checker is the program which can be used on your other computers for checking. If you like, you can also run our Online Scanner to detect any presence of malware in your computers.


    You can always look at our Product Selector to select the best product for your usage.

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