FS Protection PC Release 179 and Malwarebytes 3.0

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I've been having real problems since upgrading my Malwarebytes to their new version, which happened to coincide with the new release of FSP.  Are these two still compatible?


Firstly, MWB refused to start, and I kept getting an error message "Cannot connect to service".  One way to get it to start was to restart the running service (right click My Computer > Manage > Services), and then it started, but was 'clunky', to say the least.


I went on to the MWB forums, and lots of people have been having the same problem, which has been present since the beta versions, so I don't even know how this version got to public release - nevertheless, some people found that adding MWB to their Anti-Virus / Security software scanning exceptions list alleviated the issue to some extent, in that at least MWB would now start when it was supposed to.


I therefore added MWB to the Exclusions list in Deepguard and whilst MWB does now start, my machine runs like it's wading through treacle, and I can't even start some applications.


The last version of MWB was compatible with FSP, and both seemed to run happily side by side.  The difficulty I have now is that as both products have updated virtually simultaneously, I have no idea which one is causing the problems.


Has anyone else had difficulties with these two products?  I'm reluctant to remove either of them, as they both offer different types of protection, but I would happily remove MWB if FSP would offer the same protection against PUPs, Adware, and some spyware which MWB has done.


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  • Simon
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    Thank you to the person who "liked" my post, but actual comments would be more useful. Have you experienced similar issues, and have you found any other solutions? I have now fully removed and reinstalled MWB 3.0, but this was late last night, and I haven't had a chance to see what the effects are, if any, as yet.

    My feeling is that MWB has escalated into trying to be an all in one anti-virus product, and may therefore no longer be compatible with other AV products, which is a shame, as it means one can no longer have dual layers of protection, and I will have to choose between the two. Unfortunately, unless @Ville can clarify, I don't think FS guards against PUPs and Adware, which would leave a security 'hole', if MWB is no longer useable.
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    Hello Simon
    Sorry to be unable to help as I don't use MBM as a resident, only for épisodic checkups, which has kept me safe till now.
    Never had compatibility issues.
  • Simon
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    Thanks, YOF. Yours may not have automatically upgraded to version 3.0 yet - in fact, I don't know if the product will actually automatically upgrade to the new version, as I downloaded mine manually. I've kept the old version on my laptop, and that still runs fine. I guess one solution would be to downgrade back to the old version, but that's not really solving the issues, as I'm sure they will all be upgraded eventually.
  • yeoldfart
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    you're right, I installed MBAM 3.03 over free 2.2, it's auto configured as a full fledged AV, from what I see the free 2.2 won't upgrade automatically to 3.0 which only exists as a paying prog.

  • Simon
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    I guess that poses the question as to whether MBAM 2.2 will continue to be supported independently with future updates, and also whether it will remain a free version. It does seem as though it, and the new version, are very different products. It does state in the MWB blogs that the new version remains compatible with other AV products, but I have serious doubts over that claim, certainly at this stage.
  • yeoldfart
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    Thank you
  • Simon
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    Thanks for that, @Ville

    So, I wonder how other products, such as MWB can 'get away with' removing 'riskware' as you mentioned above?

    It it reassuring to know that FS would at least inform the user that such programs may be present, so they they can make their own decision as to whether to remove them.
  • Simon
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    Just to open this up again, MWB 3.x still has the same issues as above for me.  I have been on their forums, and it seems that some (but not all) other users having problems also use F-Secure.


    Whilst I accept what @Ville said about compatibility issues, the question has been asked on the MWB forums as to whether F-Secure has whitelisted the current version of Malwarebytes, as often, the problems seem to disappear if F-Secure is disabled.  Could anyone please confirm whether this is relevant, and if MWB has indeed been whitelisted or not?  Would submitting a sample of the latest version be of any use in this instance?


    I am keen to get this sorted, as not only do I have a lifetime license for MBAM, which I would like to continue using, I'd also like to set the record straight on their forums with regards their product's compatibility with F-Secure, and possibly other products, which currently seems to be questionable.

  • Rasmus
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    I have an issue with F-Secure and Malwarebytes 3.0. MWB says 'unable to connect to the service'.  There is no mention of MWB in DeepGuard's list - or of any other program. But when I disable DeepGuard, MWB works. 
    This is not a good solution. From the above answers I can understand that the only solution is to have just one virus program. Both are higly regarded, and I was hoping that MWB provided an extra layer of security. Maybe FS is enough.

  • JSK
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    I faced problems with MBAM 3.0.6: "Unable to connect the service". Using F-Secure Safe. Both programs are "latest versions" and OS is Windows 10 (Finnish) with the latest upgrades.


    Problem is not, I think F-Secure: Both safes run smoothly until W10 Update last week. Something caused "too long startup procedure" to Malwarebytes service. Not even "delayd start" was successful.


    My quick patch was a .cmd file on desktop (run 'As administrator'):


    net stop "Malwarebytes Service" /y
    net start "Malwarebytes Service" /y


    After restarting the service, it takes som 30sec to MBAW 3 start normally.






  • Simon
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    @JSK wrote:

    I faced problems with MBAM 3.0.6: "Unable to connect the service". Using F-Secure Safe. Both programs are "latest versions" and OS is Windows 10 (Finnish) with the latest upgrades.


    Problem is not, I think F-Secure: Both safes run smoothly until W10 Update last week. Something caused "too long startup procedure" to Malwarebytes service. Not even "delayd start" was successful.


    My quick patch was a .cmd file on desktop (run 'As administrator'):


    net stop "Malwarebytes Service" /y
    net start "Malwarebytes Service" /y


    After restarting the service, it takes som 30sec to MBAW 3 start normally.







    The "Unable to connect the service" issue has been there since the beta version of MWB3, and has affected many users, myself included.  Therefore, I don't believe it's anything to do with any W10 updates, as it affects my Windows 7 machine, but it's an inherent problem with MWB3 which they still haven't fixed.


    Your solution is useful, but we shouldn't have to be doing stuff like this, or disabling parts of F-Secure, to make MWB run, as MWB claim that their software is compatible with other AV products.  Clearly, it still isn't.

  • ScootCoot
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    I just read over this thread and it is nice to know I am not the only one experiencing the "unable to connect to update server" issue.


    I created a support ticket with MWB but have yet to hear back from them.  Their acknowledgment as to receipt of my support request:


    Re: Cannot connect to the update server!

    Malwarebytes  |  May 19, 2017 01:14PM PDT

    Thank you for submitting your support request. We will reply as quickly as we can.

    IMPORTANT: We are currently experiencing delays in email responses due to high volume.
    In the meantime, you may be able to find a solution for your inquiry through our Knowledge Base.


    After receiving that acknowledgment, I'm guessing it will indeed be a long time before I hear from them.


    I first purchased MWB way back in 2012 so my license was "grandfathered" in as a "lifetime" license.  I manually updated to the latest version of MWB and it recogonized my "lifetime" license.  I rebooted my computer but alas I got the same error message about MWB not able to connect to the update server. [Checking the MWB Services Properties, it indicates the service is running ]


    If it is true that MWB will not run along side F-Secure any longer that's a drag.  One would think that very popular anti-virus programs such as F-Secure, etc. would work with other anti-virus or even anti-malware companies to come to some common understanding and make their proprietary software cooperate and allow "side-by-side" running of such programs.  I am not a programmer nor do I have an extreme deep understanding as to how such programs work; all I know is I just want programs that work so I don't have to spend countless hours trying to get them to work in harmony. <sigh>


    I have a secondary desktop computer running Windows 7 of which I have F-Secure running on, so I will disarm F-Secure and see if I get the same error message when attempting to update MWB's anti-malware database.  I will post what I find out.


    In the meantime, if anyone does come up with a solution to make MWB and F-Secure work together - like they were prior to the current release of F-Secure - instead of against one another, I'm all ears.  Smiley Happy


    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with this MWB vs. F-Secure compatibility, but this morning I got this error when I attempted to connect to F-Secure Premier Service:


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    Because there beta-category of community.


    I just installed Malwarebytes 3.1.* (?! latest available installer from website) to system where installed FS Protection (also with latest available TP release);

    It was just about Premium Trial Malwarebytes (which they provide with installation) and some hours (with mainly default settings);


    I did some restarts for system; perform some common steps/using system... and with my experience there was missing something wrong with Malwarebytes 3 (at least - it not informed about something at startup; also checking updates was successfully); FS Protection generally too;


    There was impact to my system (as double system-resource usage); And maybe there can be potential troublepoints - but what about experience from other users?


    I also not sure about potential situation - if there will be 'pause' for launch system (as result updating both FS Protection/F-Secure and Malwarebytes) - what will be with next fresh load system. It can be with overload maybe (if both software started update-process at one time);


     Maybe there already some changes (at least current FS Protection compare to stable F-Secure SAFE most likely with more friendly DeepGuard about such potential 'falsepositive' computability troubles);


    /// Later added: Ok, I able to get "Unable to connect the Service" with desktop logo picture (before this - I always tried tray-picture, which  OK);

    And desktop Malwarebytes shortcut will open UI (after delay) when FS Protection is disabled;

    So with desktop shortcut (or with direct 'mbam.exe' from folder) there still kind of trouble with launch (I feel there delay with opening UI - maybe when FS Protection active - such delay start be longer, than Malwarebytes expected...);


    Manual adding "Malwarebytes" folder to exclusion list will 'fix' such troubleview. And desktop shortcut will open Malwarebytes UI with active FS Protection;

  • ScootCoot
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    Today I received an email from MWB support - this is their reply:


    At first, I would like to sincerely apologize for the late answer. Malwarebytes support is over-demanded and we try our best to reach you one by one.

    1. Open Malwarebytes
    2. Make sure that you are on the main “Dashboard”
    3. Try clicking on “Current”, under “scan status”. It will update Malwarebytes.
    4. Reboot your computer (optional but recommended)

    If it didn’t resolve your issue…

    Let’s do a complete re-installation to make sure we grab the latest version properly.

    Please, follow carefully this procedure:

    1. Install the latest Windows Updates
    2. Reboot your computer
    3. Disable temporarily any other Anti-Virus installed on your system.
    4. Kill Malwarebytes services from the Task Manager (if you have difficulties understanding this step, simply quit Malwarebytes)
    5. Download and run MB-Clean tool:
    6. MB-Clean should reboot your computer and ask you to re-install Malwarebytes.
    7. ONLY IF Malwarebytes didn’t ask to re-install, install it again via this link: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/
    8. Activate Malwarebytes by putting your license. (might be already put)
    9. Go to the main “Dashboard”
    10. Try clicking on “Current”, under “scan status”. It will update Malwarebytes.
    11. Reboot your computer (optional but recommended)
    12. Malwarebytes should now be installed, activated and functional.

    If this did not resolve your issue, I will need to collect more information about your installation:

    1. Please download our diagnostic tool, MB-Check to your Desktop from this link: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_check
    2. Double-click it to run it. A black command prompt window will appear momentarily and will close after a few seconds.
    3. A zip file named *mb-check-results.zip" will be saved to your Desktop.
    4. Please, attach this file to your next reply.

    This results will help me determine if the all the necessary Malwarebytes files are installed and confirm that all of our services are running.

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