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I have the 3 device license that I bought from the fsecure web site. The 3 devices I have are, 2 iOS devices and 1 Mac. One of the iOS devices is being replaced by a newer version (iPhone 7). How do I transfer this subscription to the new device? I have seen the help article, but the article doens't mention how to reset the licenses on Freedome for Mac.


Thank you.

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    Hi praveenpn,


    Freedome has the license tranfer functionality but this is applicable only with Windows/Mac/Android versions. This functionality is yet to be available for the iOS version. However, in your case, you can try to uninstall and reinstall Freedome on your Mac which will inturn initiate the license transfer.


    Before you try the reinstallation on the Mac, please uninstall Freedome from your old iOS device so that it does not validate the license again when you initate the transfer.


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