DeepGuard: allow one-time "allow"

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For DeepGuard: allow a one-time allowance in addition to a permanent allowance.


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    Sorry for my potential feedback (I'm also only F-Secure user);


    Just interesting -> with current state of DeepGuard (where dropped potential detection for outgoing network connection by unknown application as such) - when one-time allowance can be reasonable?


    For example,

    possible to allow application for DeepGuard (as permanent allowance) -> then remove it from excluded-state (exclusion list) under settings. Then if you run application -> DeepGuard will ask about decision or do block it. Where will be possible to perform workaround with this try too.


    Also, currently, F-Secure DeepGuard designed with changes about decision -> it goes be autodecision mainly (with abilities to allow-application from Event list or from DeepGuard blocklist).