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Hi I got fs protection do you know when it coming out of beta and how do I pay I got 111 days left And every time I put this on my computer do I have to log in every time


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    The beta program is continually rolling, so if you have signed up, and remain an active tester, your subscription will automatically be renewed.   I believe the current version is the release candidate, so a new Beta version will be coming along soon.  

  • hi thanks for getting back  yes i am stiil  signed up, and i will remain an active tester but will they email me if a new version comes out from fs protection and do i have to sign in every time i download fs protection ? say if i format my computer or can i download it save it to my exturnal drive ? your software is the best 100 % :)

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    Upgrades are usually delivered via the usual program updates, but occasionally they may email if you need to reinstall, or do anything out of the ordinary.  You can always reinstall the product by signing in to your Beta Portal, so yes, to download the installer, you will need to sign in.  I've been a beta tester for something like three years now (perhaps longer), and other than when I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 from XP, I don't recall having to reinstall the product for any upgrades.  

  • thanks

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