Software Updater as a proxy in remote office

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FSPMServer (CentOS) can be configured as Proxy to cache AV Updates witch is fine solution for Remote/Branch Office with meny computers (less consume traffic to internet).

Very nice would be to make SoftwareUpdater configure in Branch/Remote Office as Proxy/Cache updates localy for computers managed from central FSPMServer.

FSPMS + FSAUA in Branch/Remote Office doesen't manage local hosts

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    Hello Tomczaki, 

    As of version 12.20, Policy Manager works as a proxy for the software update packages by default, and the default cache size isset to 10 GB (you can configure this setting in Policy Manager Console). 

    You can find more information on that in page 96 of the admin guide.

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    OK I know that

    But if I have 80 Remote Offices with about 1000 hosts managed from one PM that is localized in HQ then this nothing change for me, becouse this 1000hosts have to download software form PM in HQ not from internet. Remote Offices are connected to HQ by VPN tunnels with limited bandwitch

    In old version PM (6.x-9.z) there was Policy Manager Proxy for Linux - this software I used in every Remote Office to store Policies from PMS central server in HQ and store AVUpdates from internet or from thesome PMS

    Today PMProxy for Lunux is not supported, so I configure PMS for Linux as AutomaticUpdateAgent in every RemoteOffice - this server (CentOS) can download AVUpdates from internet. Local hosts (in every RemoteOffice) are configured to download AVUpdates from this Local PMS4Linux server, but Policy files and SoftwareUpdates are downloaded from PMS in HQ - If I enable at all hosts in RemoteOffices to download only critical SoftwareUpdates from central PMS  then my 100Mbps Internet connection is 100% utilized all time


    Thati is wy I'm looking for some solution or workaround