I want to re-install my OS with registered F-Secure internet security 2012 and install again F-Secure on "clear OS"but if I do it, can I put again my key in F-Secure? I actually don't bought it,I bought some magazine with full version of F-Secure internet security 2012. Now I have legally installed F-Secure internet security 2012 and if I reinstall OS, can I install F-S and put there my key again?


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    This might be a tricky one. Make sure to get in contact with them before you reinstall your OS since you don't have an account in their database. 


    They would possibly ask you for an information as a proof that the software is licensed. I'm just not sure which info. Maybe there's a code you could generate somewhere on your end. 

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    Thanks for posting.

    I have moved this thread to Protection board.


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