iOS iPhone Freedome, WiFi no longer working, repetitive dropouts

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I paid for a multi-device subscription a couple of weeks ago and have installed Freedome on my Mac and my iPhone 4s (9.3.5).


All was working nicely until a few days ago where I noticed that Facetime calls on my iPhone starting dropping intermittently.


By yesterday, I wasn't able to keep a Facetime call connected for longer than 5 minutes.


Come today, and now my WiFi is constantly failing. It connects for a few seconds, then the VPN menu icon displays, then the WiFi drops. Rinse and repeat. Constantly.


I've tried uninstalling and re-installing Freedome, removing the VPN connection details (detailed here), forgetting the WiFi network, resetting iPhone Network Settings, iPhone (Home+Power) reset; all without success.


Despite being an iPhone dev myself, I'm at a complete loss.


I can only think that something has become corrupted in some way as I'm not even able to validate my iTunes account in the App Store now, using 3G, with Freedome installed or uninstalled. It's almost a network protocol issue or something?



What also worries me is that I referred 2 others to Freedome last week and hope they don't experience the same issue on thier iPhones.


Would really appreciate some feedback from the devs/support on this!


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    Hi James2,


    Based on your given information, I would recommend to contact our support via chat or phone so that this can be investigated further. This would help them to escalate the case, if needed, to the experts for a detailed analysis.

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