Freedome stops working if not in the foreground

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I have a Niubier V88 Android box running 5.1.1 with Freedome installed.


The problem is that as soon as Freedome is not in the foreground the VPN dies. This is evident from Freedome's own internal test from the Harmful sites blocks section. Hitting 'See it in action' and then 'Test' switches to the browser and I see the VPN key instantly disappear from the status bar. Freedome then fails the Phishing page test. Bringing Freedome back to the foreground restores the connection once again.


Are there any ideas as to why this happens?


As this is a wired box there are no power management apps that I can find that may be suspending Freedome.


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    Hi Niall,


    I will bring this post to the notice of the Freedome Product Team. I will check with them and get back to you with further information.

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    Hi niall,


    Could you please check if the background data is enabled in the Niubier settings? Freedomes requires this setting to work.


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