Your security subscription expires in 5 days notification won't go away

My (VirginMedia provided) subscription ends in the next few days. We are getting on several machines the following notification constantly.....which is annoying. Anyone any ideas how to get rid of it. I don't recall this happening last year......


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  • Pieman007
    Pieman007 Posts: 10 Observer

    Bit of searching around - you can kill the notifications under Control Panel.....


    Go to "Security and Maintanance". Click "Change Security and Maintance settings" and untick "Virus protection" in the "Security messages" section.




    Annoying you can't mute it for X days............ as a developer can't F-Secure talk to Microsoft about this.....I'm sure it's not meant to constantly Ping you (and I do meant constantly!)

  • Simon
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    I've said this before, and I do understand that people's situations are different, but one easy solution is to simply renew it, which will make the notification go away.  The renewal will run from the end of the current subscription, so you won't lose any days by renewing it a few days early, and that also offers a safeguard, just in case something goes wrong with the renewal, in that you would have a few days 'buffer' where your protection is still active.

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