Freedome VPN Network Config

aM0nk3yBoy Posts: 18 New Member

Hi All,


Im running Windows 10 Pro...

I installed Hyper-V and created a virtual switch using Freedome but Freedome stopped working, I sorted this with help from the community by re-enabling IPv6 in the Freedome VPN Connection... Since then I witnessed that a lot of traffic wasn't going through the VPN connection... So I used System Restore to roll back to before setting up Hyper-V's virtual switch... 

I'm concerned that my settings are incorrect...(See below), I assume that there will be connectivity outside the VPN with my ISP and that all other traffic should go through the VPN connection?

Can someone confirm that my settings are correct before i proceed to re-install Hyper-V please?


Thanks M0nk3yBoy

Freedome Config 1.JPG



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