Set up on Laptop but how do I get also on phone?

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New problem - although I will probably go to other VPN as I see this one not even in top 10 reviewed.

Basically there is no service, no Chat Line, not even a Contact Us.   I have this VPN on my laptop but don't know how to also put it on my phone.  I wanted to find technical guff as well to compare how fast it is to say Nord or Express which are very highly rated but mainly the phone issue is immediate.


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    Hi Manxmonkey,


    You can get in touch with our Support team via chat or you can directly call them to open a case. You can check our Support webpage for more details instructions.


    Do you have a multi device subscription for Freedome? If yes, depending on your OS, you can follow the KB article here for Andoird or here for iOS to activate your subscription. You can find the detailed steps to install Freedome on Android here and iOS here.

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    Did you get my reply? It's not showing.
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