Can i install SAFE without internet connection ?

Hi support team!

i have 2 questions would like to refer you

1. Can i install SAFE without internet connection? with the current version is can not

but i know that we will have new version 3.7 soon, so cound new version can support it ?


2. Can i update SAFE without internet (update virus database)

- can i download the file update from other computer and deploy it on my computer ?


Thank you very much !

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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,424
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    Hi Arsjupiter,


    Internet connection is needed for both installing SAFE on your computer and also to download updates. This is already discussed in the previous posts here and here.


    The SAFE webpage also provides the same information under Technical Details. Taking an excerpt from the page: "Internet connection to validate your subscription and receive updates"



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