cant install safe secure on laptop


My sons laptop has had safe secure installed previously but started saying it wasnt turned on. Tried to turn on but error message coming up. I then tried to uninstall and reinstall as per the instructions but when i click on the download an error box comes up saying the setup cannot be completed as some files are missing. I have made sure windows is up to date and have tried turning off windows defender andfirewall but same message keeps coming up. Dont know what to try next. Not happy as i have just resubscribed for the year but will need to get some other virus protection if i cant get this to work. Help


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Sounds like... that maybe there can be helpful step with F-Secure Uninstallation Tool:


    How I can to remember... "important files is missing" at launch installer can be, when something goes with "stuck". Usually.. just Uninstall Tool can to be as "fix for situation".


    BUT this tool also will remove some of another F-Secure software (if installed) too (if there installed something else... like Freedome or F-Secure Key. maybe required backup-meaning).


    Sorry if I not normal understand situation.



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    Thanks for the reply. I have uninstalled from the laptop so there is now no protection on it at all. When i try to reinstall an error message pops up saying the set up cannot be completed as some files are missing. I will try to contact them tomorrow but as of now cant think of anything else to try.

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