Install on raspberry pi running OSMC (Kodi)?

sepharg Posts: 2 Observer

I just bought Freedome and was able to install it in my PC and Android phone with no problem, using the respective apps

However I´d also like to install in on my raspberry pi that runs OSMC with Kodi installed. How can I accomplish this?

Thanks a lot


  • Alantos
    Alantos Posts: 2 New Member

    Dear Ben,

    Like Sepharg, I would also like to install Freedome on my Raspberry Pi.

    Is this a "low demand" sector for F-Secure? 

    Is there an alternative method, such as directly configuring a router to connect to F-Secure´s servers?


    Best regards


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Alantos, 


    This is indeed not something that is planned in the foreseeable future of Freedome 

    The alternative you mentioned is not something that we are supporting currently.



  • sepharg
    sepharg Posts: 2 Observer
    Hi Ben,

    As Alantos said I believe that this feature could be quite useful to a big group of users, specially as media centers using kodi (not only via raspberry pi) are getting more and more popular.
    I would certainly suggest that you bring this up to the product team as a future feature that could definitely make a difference.
    Many thanks,
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