Install on raspberry pi running OSMC (Kodi)?

sepharg Posts: 2 Observer

I just bought Freedome and was able to install it in my PC and Android phone with no problem, using the respective apps

However I´d also like to install in on my raspberry pi that runs OSMC with Kodi installed. How can I accomplish this?

Thanks a lot


  • Alantos
    Alantos Posts: 2 New Member

    Dear Ben,

    Like Sepharg, I would also like to install Freedome on my Raspberry Pi.

    Is this a "low demand" sector for F-Secure? 

    Is there an alternative method, such as directly configuring a router to connect to F-Secure´s servers?


    Best regards


  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Alantos, 


    This is indeed not something that is planned in the foreseeable future of Freedome 

    The alternative you mentioned is not something that we are supporting currently.



  • sepharg
    sepharg Posts: 2 Observer
    Hi Ben,

    As Alantos said I believe that this feature could be quite useful to a big group of users, specially as media centers using kodi (not only via raspberry pi) are getting more and more popular.
    I would certainly suggest that you bring this up to the product team as a future feature that could definitely make a difference.
    Many thanks,
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