F-Secure Booster


I have used booster for a year now, just renewed for a second year for 3 computers.


Have I wasted my money, I feel like I have.


If I open booster to check my computer, it does its thing and tells me what needs done to optimize my system, do updates and speed up ect.


If I do all it asks then restart my computer and open booster up again, booster tells me that I need to optimize again to deleate browsing history, speed up my computer and update a program (some times the same program or another).


If I do all it asks again and restart computer, and open booster AGAIN, I get the same response.


Any sugestions?


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    Hi ajb1,


    Do you still see the issue with Booster?


    I checked on your post with our Product Expert. It is sometimes seen that Booster will request to perform the scan and restart the computer for a few times.

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