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I am new to F secure.

I bought a f Secure Total security and Privacy  (1 year, 5 devices )from a retail store .

i have a macbook

i did register to an account as mentioned in the box.

I cant find campaign name anywhere on the box , I have the subscription key but i am not able to key it in.

rigth now when i login it says i have 25 days of trial subscription left.


Can Somebody walk me thru the steps


Thank You

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    Sorry for my reply.

    Maybe campaign-word can be "totalbox" ;


    Or it possible to do fresh account with specific URL (with this word).. something like this:

    https://my.f-secure.com/register/totalbox  ;

    When you registered with this URL... probably will be prompt for add your subscription activation.


    Maybe you able to try some of this steps. Or with work-week maybe there comes proper response from F-Secure Team.


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