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Hi everyone


My set-up is as follows:


* Windows 7 32-bit

* F-Secure Internet Security 16.3


I make use of the Browsing Protection component of F-Secure Internet Security which is useful to ensure that unsafe sites are not inadvertantly accessed.  However, I also contribute to open source coding projects, some of which through shell scripts running on Cygwin may use commends such as Wget to download code and other associated artefacts on an automated basis when I call the scripts.  Would anybody know if the Browsing Protection also monitors what Wget is accessing and whether it would intervene if Wget attempted to access a website/ server that had been identified by F-Secure as being harmful?  My assumption would be that F-Secure does monitor this, as while Cygwin/ Wget are linux-type applications/ programs for Windows, presumably Wget is simply making use of the Windows internet connection.  If this is the case and Wget was to attempt to access a harmful website, how would F-Secure signal this to me, as when more usually using a web browser, a page would simply be displayed in the browser signalling that access is blocked based on the content of the site being identified as restricted.


I suspect that in practice there is not an issue as open software projects are constantly peer-reviewed, meaning that any security issues would be quickly identified and rectified.


Thanks in advance.




  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    That's quite a technically complex question, and I'm guessing that only someone from F-Secure would be able to give a definite answer.  You probably won't get a reply from them on here until Monday, but if no one responds, you may wish to submit a Support Ticket, which will go straight to the tech guys, and I'm sure they will be of some assistance.

  • JKM1
    JKM1 Posts: 2 New Member
    Thank you for responding. I will see if anyone responds on these forums and if not, submit a ticket.

    Best regards

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