Freedome 3 seat licensing

I bought 3seat license, and activate those like this:


1. iPhone using Apple ID: X to get software

2. iMac using Apple ID: X to get software


3. iMAc using Apple ID: X(Y) to get software (same computer as in step2. but different user, and the software was installed thru Apple ID:X)

(4. iPhone using Apple ID: Y to get software)


OK, there is kind a three seat used, but was it so that if Iam using same Apple ID to get the software it will be count as a one seat?


Then i should have one to spare.. Wich i do not have when i tried to activate it to another iPhone.


Once i have installed App to the iPhone and activate it even if i remove the App i cant access anymore that stage where i could restore my existing purchases, it just activate the existing and purchased license. 


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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,428
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    Hi Juh,


    As per your description, I see you are using a multi device subscription. In your case, even if you use the same Apple ID to download the Freedome application on different devices, it is considered as a separate device as you are using a multi device subscription code for validating your Freedome license. You can read more about using Freedome on multiple user accounts within the same device here.


    So, your Freedome would have been installed on your iPhone (X) and iMac with 2 user accounts (X and Y) with the 3 user license.



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