Freedome 3 seat licensing

Juh Posts: 5 New Member

I bought 3seat license, and activate those like this:


1. iPhone using Apple ID: X to get software

2. iMac using Apple ID: X to get software


3. iMAc using Apple ID: X(Y) to get software (same computer as in step2. but different user, and the software was installed thru Apple ID:X)

(4. iPhone using Apple ID: Y to get software)


OK, there is kind a three seat used, but was it so that if Iam using same Apple ID to get the software it will be count as a one seat?


Then i should have one to spare.. Wich i do not have when i tried to activate it to another iPhone.


Once i have installed App to the iPhone and activate it even if i remove the App i cant access anymore that stage where i could restore my existing purchases, it just activate the existing and purchased license. 



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