30 day trial expiration overwrited 1 year license?

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Hi, I bought 1 year / 3 device license and activated it on 3 computers. two which previously had a 30 day trial and one that didn't. Even though the computers were registered with 365 days license they expired after 30 days (I assume overwriting license expiration date with the trial) the only computer that didn't have a trial previously still has the license active. When I try to re-apply the licenses it says "The maximum allowed number of installations for this code is reached."  am I screwed?


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    Hi chrono,


    Could you please confirm if the Freedome installed on the 2 computers have the latest version of Freedome installed? I would recommend to uninstall and reinstall Freedome with the latest version on your 2 computers with the same license code. Please try the reinstallation and let us know if it worked.

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