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There are posts in forums like "Parental Control Huawei" and resolution links to Freedom - I assume that Safe is not compatible with Huawei (at least Honor 7 Lite / NEM-L21  (EMUI 4.1 / Android 6.0))?  You can set all power saving features to make sure that Safe is protected (which is the usual problem), but still it some how turns off in certain situations. 

Basically this means that your child will eventually bypass parental control, when device is screenlocked and opened with certain situations. I tested this yesterday several times and it seems that sometimes Safe awakens late and is unable to protect. This problem is with application block and time limits. 


So basically with this kind of functionality this is useless - I understand that if you buy chinese electronics you can only expect problems, but it would still be nice to get this working as there are lots of other customers buying these to kids.


Any ideas? (Other than buying iphone)





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    Hi HarriT,


    I have passed on your feedback/post to our Product Experts for investigation. They are currently checking on this issue.

  • HarriT
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    Thanks - issue remains unsolved and I would appreciate solution.


    However, I bougth another software to protect my children as this will not take care it.

    It seems to work correctly, however its only parental control, so Safe is also on with parental control features disabled.

    And this solution has application control support also to iOs (naturally with some issues)  which is not available in Safe - I hope that F-Secure has it high on roadmap.


    Anyway kid protection is nightmare - make one product which works and you will be glorious.. 



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