Adding a device to My Safe that already has SAFE installed?

When renewing my subscription for another year of F-Secure SAFE, I noticed that the devices I added a year ago were gone from the My Safe-account (which was mentioned in another post too). I didn't mind adding them again, but it got a bit tricky and I wonder if I could have solved it differently?

When wanting to renew my subscription on a device that already had SAFE, I could only pick "install on this device" or "install on another device". Since I already had SAFE installed, I tried picking the first one, which opened up Google Play -> Google Play stated that I have the app installed so I opened the app -> the app said that the subscription is running out so I clicked on renew subscription -> this opened up the page I started on which again sent me to Google Play again. And round it goes.

In the end I had to uninstall SAFE entirely and start over.

I had a similar experience on my PC, where the installation file wouldn't run unless I removed the current installation first and My Safe only offered installing it first.

Is there a way to add a device to My Safe without having to uninstall the product first?


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi katson,


    As seen in this KB article and this article, there is no action needed from the user when renewing SAFE on a device which has SAFE installed already. So, if a device already has SAFE installed from the same account, the subscription status will be automatically updated.

  • katson
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    Thank you. I used the button "renew now", but after re-subscribing, my connected devices were gone from my My Safe-account/profile as I wrote. Therefor no automatic renewal happened.

    Again, I didn't mind adding them again, but it turned out to be a bit tricky which is why I wanted to know if there would be an easier way to solve it.
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