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I am a virgin media customer and have been invited to renew my subscription. The e-mail states the payment will be £25.00 however when I go through to renewal it states the payment will be £79.99.


Please advise how I can receive my discount.


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    I'm not sure if it's still the case, but you used to have to go through your Virgin Media portal to get to the F-Secure SAFE portal, otherwise, any discounts would not be applied.  If you've done that, then I'm sorry but you will either have to wait and see if someone from F-Secure responds here, or submit a Support Ticket.

  • katson
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    I had a similar issue with an offer via my student discount card (an app), where I had 50% off. When I got to the payment page, it said that my e-mail adress is already registered and I was advised to log in. When I was logged in, the discount was gone. Clicking on the offer through the app again (when logged in on My Safe in the same browser) didn't help, it kept saying "e-mail already registered, please log in"..and when logging in again the offer discount was gone. A loop.

    My workaround was to look at the URL my student card opened up, where I copied the part that looked like a discount code. Then I went to renew the subscription the usual way (when logged in to My Safe) and pasted that piece of the URL into the discount/offer box.

    Maybe that can help you.
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