My F-secure account vanished


So I bought F-secure safe, made an account and installed it on my pc as well as registered my pc as one of my three devices. now, I tried to login to add my phone to the registered devices, but couldn't login. So I tried to reset my password, which didn't work. I then tried to make a new account with the same email, and that worked somehow? so now my f-secure program on my computer says that my license is active for about a year, since I just bought it, but ofcourse my new account is a trial one and says: "30 days remaining". so my question is, where is my original account? and can I register my payment on my second account and make it work that way maybe? 


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    It sounds as though your account has got into a bit of a mess.  We can't help here, for security and privacy reasons, so you will need to raise a Support Ticket, giving as many details as you can, and I'm sure the tech guys will help to sort it out.

  • dingdingding
    dingdingding Posts: 2 New Member

    Thank you for having a look at my post! I managed to find a link to the support ticket page in another post, which I also submitted earlier this evening! It does indeed seem like something is really messed up with my account.

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