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I remember awhile back I went to install F-Secure Anti-Virus for testing purposes and was greeted with a warning about how Xvirus Personal Guard was not "compatible" and had to be removed off the system first. I have not re-checked if this is still the case but would like to know if they are both now compatible with each other.


Xvirus Personal Guard is a second-opinion Anti-Malware product developed in the .NET framework - of course I am not condoning that the .NET framework alone is a good idea for a security product (due to lack of control over the system) however I will not go into product development flaws... I just want to know the reasons behind why it was not compatible previously and if this is still the case.


In my eyes, it is not very logical... When F-Secure was claiming it was not compatible with Xvirus Personal Guard, you could just remove Xvirus and then re-install it after F-Secure was installed, and there were no compatibility issues found after doing this.


It just makes me wonder why F-Secure blacklisted Xvirus Personal Guard on the installer for "compatibility" issues without elaborating the reasons for doing so? Hopefully this still isn't the case.


If anyone can let me know, that'd be great.


Thank you for your time. :)


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