Mac OS Freedome, what traffic is through the VPN tunnel?

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I'm new to Freedome, need to admit. 


I installed Mac OS client to the latest Sierra OS release. I opened my Tidal and Airfoil clients for streaming. Airfoil can still find stereos from my WiFi 10.x.x.x network and streams the music, even if Freedome client is ON. 


This brings a question to me head that what traffic Mac OS version actually puts to the Freedome tunnel? Does it get the DNS info somehow from 10.x.x.x network? What about if DHCP server in 10.x.x.x network gives email proxy in the LAN? 


I'm not quite sure, I can agree Freedome is for secured hotel access. Seems to be so that it's more for giving a fake location for Netflix and other country specific streaming services.







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    Hello QQQQQ,


    The Local network traffic bypasses VPN. For Android we've got the Trusted Networks setting, and for the rest of the platforms it works so out of the box. See this article.

    This is because so many people are using devices in the local network that having it go through VPN to somewhere where it can't find its way back is a not the feasible solution.


    Note that we bypass the local DNS, and use our own. If there is foul play with the DNS/DHCP, Freedome will notice it when connecting to our servers because the client authenticates itself to them based on our own certificates.

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