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I want to secure my email/calendar access from hotels, while traveling abroad. Sometimes travelling in countries, where privacy is not a value. Just want to create a connection outside of a particular country back e.g to Finland. 


I’m using a MacBook.


My question is related to the case, when I log into the hotel WiFi sign in pages. I assume I cannot keep Freedome active, while I sign in to the hotel WiFi with my browser. Right after the sign in is successful, Mac OS starts to send requests to the email servers defined in my accounts. I would not like this to happen without VPN to a completely other country.

Is there a way to prevent this happen? Is there a possibility to block email traffic completely, if Freedome is not active?

I hope, i was explaining my use case clear enough.




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    Hello QQQQQ, 


    Local network traffic bypasses VPN, see this article.

    Freedome bypasses the local DNS, and uses its own. If there is foul play with the DNS/DHCP, Freedome will notice it when connecting to our servers because the client authenticates itself to them based on our own certificates.

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    I need to say that I'm not at all satisfied how Freedome works both in Mac and in iPhone. Let me describe the situation. 

    - I opened my Mac in hotel

    - Freedome was on and was trying to make a connection to F-secure server. That's fine

    - I was trying to get to through the browser but was directed to hotel WiFi login page. Great

    - I was logging in with the needed info. 

    - Now I quickly started to poll And surprise surprise, I got there. It was showing I have the hotel IP address. Just great!!! Wait.... Not at all great!

    - Also at the same time emails started to come in to my accounts

    - And at the same time, Freedome was trying to make a connection to the F-secure server. And finally made it through.

    - Now, when I was polling, It was showing F-secure server address in Espoo


    I was proving to myself that Freedome in Mac really does not work, when hotel WiFi is having a login page. I saw it from the public IP address my machine had. Really bad operation. Also, I'm 100% sure, my emails were downloaded without Freedome, while it was still trying to connect the server.


    Why do you not simply block the traffic, while the Freedome client is trying to make the connection? Should be possible to be done?? How Freedome now operates.... no value to me.



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    Hello F-secure,


    Any view on my findings?



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