How to get rid of anoying Adobe.exe autoupdates?


I don´t know how many have this quite anoying problem with Adobe autoupdate programs,but I´m quite frustrated and fed up with all of this frequent autoupdates that make more damage than it´s worth. Since it seems that everyone that download many of Adobes free softwares like: Adobe Flash player,Adobe Reader etc. Because there is a option that I can thick if I won´t the software to search and instal autoupdates,but it seems that my option doesn´t mater.No mater the facts but I´ve never asked or comited Adobe to download any kind of autoupdate software on my computer,but it seems that adobe goes round this and plant in it on all kind of computers that are compatible.

Since many of Adobe´s softwares are known by many security expers as security risks,why doesn´t "premium"(Pay versions) secirity softwares block or atleast create a rule that I can choose (or be awared of this kind of security risk).Howewer I know that in some old scan reports I´ve got a warning of some sort of autscan software related to Adobe´s softwares where installed on my computer.

This programs that I´m quite fed up with is: 1. AdobeArm.exe  2.AAMUpdatesNotifier.exe.

I´ve tried to search for these files in a normal win search,but it seems that all of this files are created in some sort of hidden direction files.There is some sort of direction labled Adobe and Adobe Updates,but the Update dir. is empty.

I may be some sort of conspiratic person,but it seems that this programs on a daily basis conects to Adobes servers,and propably finds some sort of update files,but don´t manage to make a full update,because I manualy interupts this process via Control Manage Display (swedish Aktivitetshanterare)= After some failed atempts it blocks for ex.all modern and common sites that runs/have on a flash player media content. In some cases I´ve even noticed that my Adobe Reader DC crashes(when I try to print out some sort of document). So what I´m looking for and wold be very grateful if F-secure can create some sort of rule that blocks(or eleminates this kind of softwares)



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