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I have F-Secure SAFE installed on my Mac OSX. Installed Sierra update some weeks back if that has any importance. F-Secure is complaining about "databases too old". So why does it not update them?


If I open the SAFE control panel and click "Check for updates", the refresh circle spins forever and nothing happens. Also I would expect it to update by itself since it is always running. But no. I also have Freedome installed if that matters.


Any known issues to try to fix? Any logs to check for errors?




  • kranken
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    Same applies also to F-Secure Workstation Security for Mac.


    After upgrading to MacOS Sierra, the application occasionally stops updating itself and databases. It also complains quite often that security cloud is not available.


    These situations are not covered by restarting the application. Restarting the Mac usually helps.

  • Enfcmedic384
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    Go to the downloads and see tools in support. You can download a manual version of the database updater there. They see the only way to be truly secure is to keep all your software completely up to date. Apple says this directly as well in their first troubleshooting steps.


    I think also probably could be an ISP issue in many cases. The problem is that a lot of my issues or problems with F-Secure software was not them it was the Internet Connection. I would try the ISP first because  you may be having connectivity issues on their end as an example is Verizon for my case.

  • Enfcmedic384
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    It is good thing that our cars do not get buggy like this ! I mean otherwise with a malware attack or other situation it could cause you get rid of a perfectly decent but very old car. :).
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