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I have a Freedome license for 3 devices, and have it installed on Android phone + 2 x PC's.

I have a new Android smartphone. Old one has been wiped.

Installing Freedome on new phone I was given an option to transfer a licecse, which I accepted.

It seems to have used a licese from one of my PC's, so I'm no unprotected!

How do I delete the old phone from your system?




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    Hi OW,


    As mentioned in this KB article, the device in which you are installing Freedome consumes the first license from your subscription. All your other devices with Freedome installed will get the available remaining licenses when they connect to the Freedome servers.


    In your case, since you have wiped Freedome from the old Android phone, it is not possible to connect to the Freedome server as the product itself is not installed. Did you have Freedome installed on any other device apart from the mentioned devices?


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